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Volume 1 Issue 1, 2017

1 Analysis of selected psychological parameters among Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala statemen’s santhosh trophy soccer players
S. Binthu Mathavan
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):1-7 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 641 KB]
2 A study of anthropometric variables among state level male volleyball players
Thingnam Nandalal Singh, W. Geetarani Devi, Umesh Bhatt
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):8-11 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 546 KB]
3 Visual inspection with acetic acid screening for cervical cancer: perceptions of Zimbabwean women: A case of Kwekwe hospital
Panganai T., Gono C.
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):12-17 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 698 KB]
4 Vitamin D and modulation of Allergic Rhinitis: (Removed from database)
Gupta PK, Raut P, Singh SP
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):18-21
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 506 KB]
5 Muscle strength and size gains in older women after four and eight weeks of high-intensity resistance training
Michael E. Rogers, Nicole L. Rogers, Eiji Fujita, Mohammod M. Islam, Nobuo Takeshima
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):22-28 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 672 KB]
6 Resistance training and its impact on psychological health in participants of corporate wellness programs
Rhodes Serra, Francisco Saavedra, Nuno Garrido, Diogo Cardozo, Bruno Jotta, Jeferson Novaes, Roberto Simão
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):29-34 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 727 KB]
7 The effect of warmth imagery on physiological, physical, and psychological states among injured youth sepak takraw athletes: A case study design
Tirata Bhasavanija, Garry Kuan
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):35-40 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 879 KB]
8 Comparison of stationary ZAN 600 toportable Cosmed K4b2 metabolic cart in experienced game sport athletes
Herbert Wagner, Monika Stadlmann, Anton Wicker, Christopher Papamichalopoulos, Serge P. von Duvillard
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):41-44 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 552 KB]
9 Effect of alcohol consumption on haemorheology and osmotic fragility of subjects in Nnewi, South-eastern, Nigeria
Okeke Chizoba O, AmahObioma S, Amilo Grace I, Ifeanyichukwu Martin O, Ogenyi Samuel I
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):45-48 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 514 KB]
10 Negative correlation between core muscle function and body composition in young people aged 18-30 years
Hazheer Rasif, Jianxiong Wang
Int. J. Sport Exc. Health Res., 2017;1(1):49-53 DOI:
[Abstract] [HTML Full text] [PDF 561 KB]


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